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"Managing our finances together was always a struggle, until we found Tango. It's made it so much easier to talk to each other and keep track of all of our money."

Jessica, 34

Couples and Money


cause of divorce

We’ll help you and your partner get on the same page financially.


financial incompatibility

A majority of couples admit to being out of sync financially with their partners.


financial infidelity

Just under half of all couples admit to hiding purchases from their partner.

Clean Dashboard

All of your accounts in one view.

Clearly see your separate and shared accounts, so you can more easily review your finances and itemized transactions in one place.

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Money Talks

Make your money!

From Amazon splurges to late night delivery, Tango lets you chat about your purchases in real time.

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intuitive setup

Remain independent while getting closer together.

We give you the control to decide what accounts you want to share with your partner.

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Don't fall behind on your financial goals.

Every couple comes with their own set of goals. Whether you're both looking to save up for your first home or you both want to take an adventure for your next vacation, we'll help you get there.

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Is a Financial Therapist Right for Your Relationship?

Explore the benefits of seeking a financial therapist for your relationship. Learn more about financial therapy on our blog!

Dream big, together.

Mortgage or rent coming up? Trying to plan for that big trip? Tango will help you and your partner make sure you're ready for anything.